Friday, August 15, 2014

Jen Davis searches for her own identity by becoming vulnerable to the camera for 10 years (post 9 chels)

In Jen Davis' nude/nearly nude self-portrait series, she explores her own identity and searches to discover herself. In her portraits she pulls at her body, she's depicted with multiple men, and she shares her emotional episodes. She expresses in an interview with Oprah,  "The problem was that I was making myself vulnerable only for the camera. What I really wanted was to be vulnerable for another person." 

Her vulnerablity is something hard to capture on film because naturally we pose and compose ourselves when in front of the lens. Her ten year self portrait project reveals some of the most interment and marginal moments in her life and fantasies. Even though this project initially was meant to record her weight loss after lapband surgery, it explores the emotional roller coaster of her life within 10 years.

 Oprah Article

Self-Portraits Gallery


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