Thursday, August 14, 2014


Jenny Saville is a contemporary British painter who is known for her large scale distorted depictions of naked women. Her subject matter is about feminism, obesity, and the question of what is real beauty. I really admire the honesty in her paintings even though they can be a bit unpleasant to look at. I believe partly that is due to the blood and flesh tones in her paintings and the use of harsh black lines. I also enjoy how she distorts the figures for the viewer to understand the point of view of the model and what they look at in the mirror on a daily basis. The expressions of the women are depressed to show that society’s view of unrealistic beauty has affected them in a substantial way.
I love Saville’s technical skill and her conscious use of highlights and contours to bring out the women’s flaws. She has a great way of painting skin, folds, breasts, and other body parts very smoothly and in an odd way quite beautifully.

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