Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer Wall reviews Daivd Spriggs

David Spriggs

David Spriggs got his first airbrush at the age of 12 and since then has evolved into an artist that is fascinated with painting on transparent materials such as film, to create three-dimensional installations that transform his painting into sculptures that viewers can interact with.  He calls these installations "stratachromes" which means layers of color.  When Spriggs first start creating these type of works, there was nothing like them.  The only layered art he could find were the layers of the human body in science books. 

Spriggs states that sometimes he works sheet by sheet to create his designs.  Other times, he plans out his design completely in advance with a "complex topographical mapping of space and forms." Subject matter is also very important to Spriggs:

"For the last 13 years I have used transparency as an important conceptual device and as a material in my work to explore the relationship between perception, space, the immaterial form, colour, and the symbolism of power. My techniques of making my installation artworks emerged alongside my interest in these subjects and in my practice of painting and sculpture."

Next, Spriggs hopes to do large scale site-specific works that incoporate architecture.  

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