Friday, August 15, 2014

Victoria Morales-Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon focused a lot on people, mainly portraiture. He dabbled in landscape photography, focusing on buildings, but mainly in his collection you will find Portraits, such as the ones shown below. His images are so powerful because it is possible to see a connection between the viewer and the subject. Another reason his portraits are so successful is because there is a sense of sincerity in each person photographed. The images selected are from Nixon's series titled Patients; the series shows sick and dying people and interactions of couples and loved ones. Nicholas Nixon is an inspiration for portrait photography because of the way he is able to capture the spirit of the moment and of the individuals in the images.  
Fernando, Martina and Maria Luisa Colmenero, Brookline, MA

Jyrzie and Christine Alves, Worcester, Mass.
Susanne Richardson and her husband Barry Donner, Dorchester, Mass.

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