Friday, August 15, 2014

Leigh Callaway- Bela Borsodi 6

           Bela Borsodi was born in Vienna 1966. After studying graphic design and fine art he started to work as a photographer. In 1992 Bela moved to New York and in 1999 he focused on still life photography, which is still the main direction of his work. Bela lives and works in New York.  He is a fashion photographer that focuses more on "peoples noble or wretched features" . He says that the Fashion Industry has one rule - to make the goods and objects that would otherwise be completely superfluous and indispensable. He knows that we tend to lose ourselves to this fair tale , wishing for more, a perfect and fascinating personality, for a different life. Theses objects are a featured and it makes our ownership to the object our inalienable rights. 
         He sees the darker side of the fashion industry and he tries to exploit it in the most creative way possible, "Foot Fetish" BY Borsodi published in V magazine caused an up roar from society saying that it was sexism , exploiting woman, when it was just skillful irony that was an essential element in fashion photography. He takes his compositions to the extreme, building collages depicting beautiful woman in exotic settings. I enjoy he work because he delivers what you commissioned but he does it with his message in mind. he creates a beautiful uproar in the fashion industry.  

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