Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer Wall reviews L7m

L7m - Luis Seven Martins

Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to L7m (or Luis Seven Martins) a street artist with a huge following.  At five years old he was given a book of animal illustrations and he started copying what he saw in his book.  At 12 he won an art award at school and that was the motivation he need to continue his work.

Even though he listens to music while he paints, he is not influenced by it but rather than by the city and area that he is painting in.  He is more interested in painting the walls of abandoned cities and would like to paint in the city of Chenobyl.  L7m likes to put a little of himself in his street paintings along with what is happening in the world.  Mostly painting birds because they represent freedom, he also paints humans and other animals. 

He likes the rayonism style and when what the difference was between graffiti and street art, he says that graffiti uses letters and characters, while street art uses technique, stencil, spray, collage, mixed media and even canvas. 

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