Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer Wall reviews Francesca Pastine

Francesca Pastine

Francesca Pastine lives in San Francisco where she is an artist, curator and teacher.  She is best know for her sculptural cuttings of Artforum Magazines, which are commonly found among most artists studios and home.  Using only an xacto knife, Pastine intensely focuses on the craft of paper cutting and the presence of the artist's hand in her work.  The cutting and stacking of the magazines reveals a "topography of art trends" which she mounts on board and cover with a plexiglass box in order to display them.

I found Pastime's work particulary interesting.  I like the fact that she not only recycles magazines, but uses magazines most artist are familiar with.  The other aspect of Pastine's work that I loved was her need to have her hand show in her pieces.  This is something I always have always looked for - from masterpieces at The Louvre to assignments in my classes at UTSA.  I love that little sign of the person have been there.

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