Friday, August 15, 2014

Azure Ramos - Allan Kaprow: How to make a happening

In researching Allan Kaprow , I came across his lecture on “How to Make A Happening.” I’ll be honest and say that I find this rather off putting. I can’t stand when people try to create some kind of a formula for creating. It turns art making into something mechanical. In creating a structure in art, you also create limits and it is within these limits that it is easy to get stuck on a particular idea or style rather than allowing the mind to wander as it will and arrive in uncharted territories of the human psyche.
            On the other hand Allan Kaprow is THE established authority on happenings so I suppose if my interest is in audience involvement then it is worth at least considering his ideas and how they apply to the work I’m doing.
            So according to Allan, there are “11 rules to the game (which I’ve already mentioned that I don’t agree with but anyway…)” The first being to forget what you know. Stop making traditional art and void your work of any culture or reference (also tear up the your textbooks and burn your bras. ;P) I get on board with leaving traditional art. I don’t feel I need to draw or paint to create something amazing. The issue I think I’d have with this part is the removal of culture and references, which are major components to the work I make and my reasons for making them. I’m not sure how I would make something void any references, without making it completely mindless, and ultimately pointless.    
But then according to Allan I could be coming up with rehashed clique art. I might be using my head too much. The more Allan talks the more it begins to make scenes and I realize I am breaking nearly every rule he outlines. Moving forward, if I apply some of the concepts to my own work I feel that woudl be much stronger. 

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