Thursday, August 14, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Arthur Ganson

Arthur Ganson

            Arthur is an interesting man and artist. He is also an inventor and an engineer. He truly is in a way a renaissance man. Ganson appeals to all ages with kinetic sculptures that are fun and robotic and strange even silly.
            Arthur has a background of engineering from MIT. That right there lets you know that he is not kidding around as far as commitment to what he does because that school is harder to get into than Harvard. This also tells us that he is a science and physics wiz as well. All these skills help him create his amazing groundbreaking work.
            The structures and the base of most of his work is very industrial and precise down to the thousandth of an inch. This is the engineers mind that lives within him. He then calculates what parts need to move where. These movements need specific parameters. Things like machine bearings and toothed wheels and gears are not something that you guess at and it lines up this is something that you have to either know from memorizing the ratios or that you have a different talent. A talent of eyeballing what geometry will do before you even sketch it out. He has this in strife.
            Ganson on the other hand then builds the moving parts in a very surprisingly primal fashion. They end up looking lame and not round and wonky. However most of his gears are just made of steel wire bent on a wood jig.

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