Friday, August 15, 2014

Azure Ramos - Marta Minujin

Marta Minujin is the old lady I want to be when I'm in my golden years. I'm not even talking about her art when I say that. I mean, I want to wear crazy colored jumpsuits and aviator shades when I'm pushing 70. That would be pretty rad.

Anyway, as far as her work, some of it is… I don't know, just plain silly. She did one piece where she walked up to the entrance of a gallery where she was having a retrospective openong that night and while walking to the enterance she and a few others sprayed perfume of the pavement in front of them with what looked to be insect control gear, all the while saying "Arte! Arte!" There doesn't seem to be much, as far as intellectual thought, to this work and for that reason. I think it was just kind of dumb. Unless someone else can read something more into that. Let me know if you do. I'd love to hear that argument.

Now she does have some works that aren't TOO avande grade. My favorite by far his her Tower of Babel . This was similar to her first book strcuture, The Coliseum, but is more engaging as a physical, visual object. It consists of thousand of books who's titles were band from the public. After a period on display the tower is deconstructed and the banned books are distributeed to the community.

I'd love to do a piece like this one.

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