Thursday, August 14, 2014

Autumn Dean/ John Van Alstine

John Van Alstine

            John mostly makes abstract sculptures using steel, granite, and other metals and stone material. He is considered one of the most important living sculptors and because of this has had and still has an amazing career in fine art.
            He started his college education in the early 1970’s and was mostly focused on his skiing because that’s what got him to college through a ski scholarship. After a while he found art and decided to focus on that full time. After school he taught art as an assistant professor at several schools before quitting in 1986 and moving back to his home town in the Adirondack mts. and built a studio out of an old historic saw mill where he still lives today.
            John has had numerous shows at amazing spaces and had many public works installed over the years. He often mixes in his interest in Greek mythology and more specifically the myth of Sisyphus.  In this myth there was a king who was punished by rolling a large stone ball up a hill and watching it roll back down forever.
            Most of his work is huge in scale and is often composed of found objects. There are metal parts that he finds at a scrap yard and incorporates them into most of his work. The large stone chunks are rocks he finds at a local quarry and he states that he generally does not  try to manipulate them much from their original form because nature does a good enough job of that as it is.

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