Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer Wall reviews Francesco Locastro

Francesco Locastro

Francesco Locastro's body work Geometry consists of layered paintings of geometric shapes that create beautiful three dimensional worlds.  The layers of his paintings are meticulously done with spray paint, epoxy resin, acrylic, and gold leafing on wood to create the floating effect Locastro has become famous for in Florida where he lives and throughout the art community.  While his pieces are extremely intriguing on square and rectangular MDF board, he adds interest by layering his shapes onto other, less common geometric shapes such as a circle and a triangle. 

Italian born Locastro moved to South Florida when he was in high school from Germany where he became immersed in the local "graffiti, punk and hardcore music scenes."  He found his spot in the creative arts and quickly made a name for himself as a painter with a message.  Locastro is the CEO and Founder of Pop Art Studios, an art and design studio, and is also the co-founder of VANGUARD  Art Fair, which merged with AQUA in 2009 to introduce emerging trends in contemporary movements of Pop Surrealism and Street Art.  

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