Tuesday, August 12, 2014

06 Gio Aguilar - Leonardo Da Vinci

I have always been interested in Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches of the human anatomy than most of his paintings.  It was because of his studies of the human body that made me question the limits, and use of the human body through art.  Even before Da Vinci’s time, the human body has been used in art, but it was never made in the right proportions.  The head might have been too big, the arms were too long, the body was too short, and over muscular.  I believe that Da Vinci was the first person to draw the human body in perfection by studying every part of the body, and it’s proportions. There are three sketches that intrigue me the most.  Those sketches are the sketch of the Vitruvian Man, Woman’s Torso, and Skeletons. 

The Vitruvian Man shows the proportions of the human male figure.  It even depicts the movements of the body, and it’s limitations.  To me if you can analyze, and study the human body, then you can be able to draw a perfect human figure.  I think that it is really difficult to draw a perfect human figure in any scenario, because I tried to draw it myself.  Only by studying the body section by section was I able to get better at drawing a human body correctly.  Also, I found it interesting that Da Vinci went deeper into studying the body by sketching the insides of a female body to find differences between the female and male body. He even went deeper by sketching the skeletons of the body.  I found that interesting because we know what the body takes it shape, and proportions from.


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