Tuesday, August 12, 2014

03 Randi Medina- Carl Jara

When I was a kid, going to the beach was always one of my favorite things to do...not so much for the salty water, but for the sand! I loved making sand castles back in the day so I was excited to discover this artist who is a sand sculptor. His name is Carl Jara. He is from Cleveland Ohio and he makes these really interesting figures out of sand. He's won many competitions for his unique sculptures. One of my favorites is called Infinity. In it a human figure is holding himself in his hand again and again. I especially like this one because its so connected to the very essence of sand itself as being part of the constant cycle of nature. It also alludes to the idea of human evolution and growth. We are constantly trying to learn more and find answers, yet all we find is a reflection of ourselves in our own hands. Many of Jara's other sculptures also deal with the concept of human's and their nature such as the second image I provided. This work has a human figure pulled apart and unfolding. Again, this alludes to human nature and the various layers of personality and depth a human being has.

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