Friday, August 15, 2014

Victoria Morales - Priya Kambli

While working on my final images, I looked to Priya Kambli. This is a style I would like to aim towards, but of course with meaning. For Kambli, her use of the diptych is to represent the contrasting views she faces everyday due her migration from India. He images show the issues she is dealing with not being grounded to a certain culture, because she is faced with the american way of living, and the background of the Indian life style. 
I greatly appreciate the success she has in the selection of older images and objects used as subject matter for her diptychs/triptychs. I also greatly appreciate the textures and the materials she placed on her images. I like the combinations of the mediums and how successful she was at the placement of them. As I continue with my work I hope to have longer conversations with my subjects to find ways that I can incorporate other texture and material that relate to their memories and/or objects. 

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