Thursday, August 14, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Sue Fuller

Sue Fuller

            Sue was what I think of when I think renaissance woman.
She had many talents natural and taught. She truly had an amazing and long career that span many different art forms and processes. To call her anything less than amazing is just not right.
            What grabs my attention most is her prints from the 1940’s and her wall pieces that were woven string on pegs or nails. She studied broad range of art types and processes even some less often used such as glass blowing. She even used light and neon light as a material and then moved on to plastics. She in many ways was ahead of her time as far as her ability to multitask.
            Her schools were top schools in art and other subjects and gave her a large range of creative freedom. She has also been awarded the Tiffany Foundation Grant, Fellowship. She then taught and taught with Hans Hofmann, Josef Albers, and Stanley William Hayter. This all laid an amazing academic groundwork for the rest of her life. Her abstract expressionism work is interesting in how some of her work is rigid and literally  on a grid system as in her string works and then colorful and a more random form of her expression that is mixed with her passion and emotion. Her prints are sometimes more lifelike and image based. Her life in New York was a part of her work as well, like the strings it is tangled at times and mixed with emotion.

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