Thursday, August 14, 2014

Alan Serna contra: Edgardo Aragon

Edgardo Aragon is a Oaxacan artist who works primarily in photo and video installations. Edgardo's work revolves around staging and re enacting memories personal experiences. Aragon's narratives are deeply rooted in the rural Mexican landscape, and while personal, still manage to have an overarching depiction of Mexico's current state.

The familiarity of the scenes edgardo uses in his works is what draws me in the most. Immediately upon viewing the work I feel like I am there. I can travel into the piece and interact with the character(s).

In looking at Edgardo's work and admiring his ability to create such dynamic and unique narratives through his choice of scene, I cannot help but wonder what bringing my characters into an actual environment would do to enhance their narratives. This might be something I would like to explore in painting rather than printmaking.    

Edgardo Aragon

Edgardo Aragon

Edgardo Aragon

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