Saturday, August 9, 2014

01 Gio Aguilar - James Jean

James Jean is a Taiwanese artist who has a bachelor of fine arts degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York. What makes me interested about the works of James Jean is that he creates these fantasy creatures, and puts them in abstract form.  His art style closely resembles to surrealism with the anamorphic creatures he draws. One work in particular that caught my eye, and resembles to a surrealist piece is his drawing, The Archer. 
The Archer shows a human figure, and somewhat of a godlike figure with the bow, and arrow about to strike down.  What makes it more interesting is that the figure’s face is not shown at all. Instead, the face is covered with drapery that is blended onto it’s with crystal like spikes sticking out.  The crystals are the only figures to have color in the drawing with white and light blue, which makes the crystals pop out. This piece reminds me of the Greek gods like Hermes or Apollo. 

Another drawing he has recently worked is his Untitled piece that looks like a human male figure battling with a beast.  What makes this piece interesting to me is that both the human and the beast are connected which makes them one whole being split into two.  I see this drawing as a person struggling within himself, or like fighting his inner demons, which is something I can closely relate to.  Another thing that I believe is that this drawing, and the Archer drawing are part of the same composition. Both drawings are in the same style, and you see arrows on the beast, which could be arrows from the Archer. The Archer, a god like being could be helping out this human figure battling his inner demons.  This is just something I thought about, and something that could be interesting to look into.  

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