Saturday, August 9, 2014

04 Gio Aguilar - Jake Stollery

I like how Jake Stollery combines the human body with digital effects.  Stollery even believes that merging the human body with technology is the next stage of human evolution.  He completely disregards the physical and organic form of the human body.  In a way, I believe that he is right because we are in fact the ones responsible for the evolution of technology, and our bodies are some what of a digital network. 

One of his works, The Oracle shows a black face mask attached to a face of a human.  Of course to many, it does look like a face mask, but to me it is the digital form of the face of a human.  Instead of a skull, this is how we actually look from the inside.  In his Composite piece, Stollery has an entire female body pixilated, but it does not look calm.  It looks rough like it is at work, and this sort of makes sense since our bodies are always at work trying stay alive.  Then you have his other work known as Merge which most of the parts of the female body have been removed.  All you see is just intersecting lines with connection points.  Basically I see this as the network connections of the human body sending information, and commands to different parts of the party.  These three works of art show three different layers of a human body. First, with the black facial feature that has a smooth texture, and that represents our skin.  The second, is the whole body being pixilated with the rough texture that represents our muscles, and the third is the wired connections that represent our nerve points.   

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