Monday, August 11, 2014

Dan Guerrero / Blog 03 / Antonio Lopez Garcia

Antonio Lopez Garcia
Antonio Lopez Garcia was born in 1936 in Tomelloso Spain, and displayed artistic talent from a very young age. He was very self motivated to absorb and learn from Spanish painters of the past and had a particular affinity for the work of Velazquez. His early work has a surreal quality about it with objects or slightly distorted figures floating in interior and exterior spaces, but what carries through to his mature realist period is his ability to describe space, atmosphere and texture all in lovingly crafted detail. Whether painting a grouping of flowers, a nondescript interior, portrait or cityscape, Garcia has the ability to render more than exacting detail, but an appreciation for both the craft of painting and the representation of beauty in the ordinary. In his painting Skinned Rabbit from 1972 Garcia has carefully rendered a rabbit curled up in a fetal position on a glass dish. The dish rests on a white table that is scarred and marked with distress, peeling paint, gouges and perhaps dried blood give contrast to the quiet image of the rabbit. Garcia strikes a contemplative mood with the point of view looking down on the image, almost in reverence for the dead animal and a mostly pastel range of color and carefully executed brushwork.

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