Monday, August 11, 2014

Dan Guerrero / blog 01 / Walton Ford

Walton Ford
Walton Ford is a contemporary painter working in an illustrative style similar to the work of John James Audobon. While Ford works in watercolors and printmaking techniques similar to the “Naturalist”, the similarity ends there. In fact he’s almost the anti-Audobon in that he is more interested in preservation and the impact humans have had on the natural world, whereas Audobon shamelessly killed thousands of birds in his quest for perfect specimens to render. Ford has a beautifully illustrative painting style and seems to have conquered the barrier of being an illustrator in the fine art world, and this is probably due in part to his social commentary. Mans domain over the animals is shown from the perspective of the animal, and while Ford excludes humans altogether or they are tiny background figures in a landscape, their presence is heavily implied and felt.

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