Friday, August 1, 2014

Bianca Review- 04- Sheila Pree Bright

Another Body Image Issues artist I stumbled upon was Sheila Pree Bright. She is a Fine Art Photographer based in Atlanta, and her works are about contemporary culture as in the challenging of perception of identity in our society today. She is most known for her works that include the morphing of Barbie dolls and her friends to look more like girls today.  The work is called “Plastic Bodies” and looks at the evolution of Barbie and friends into modern day girls and women, fusing two images together.
            The fusing of the real and unreal or rather the realistic and unrealistic are amazing. Her Photoshop skills come into play every time a new image in played on the screen. Sheila calls it “fragmentation of the bodies of ethnic women to dolls”.  Another chilling factor that media influences on how women and girls begin to see themselves while growing up and playing with these dolls (if they played with them). They are generalized images of ethnic women and how they should look: without flaws or as perfect as Barbie is.  

            Her images remind me of the nostalgia of being a kid but that I would refuse the ethnic Barbies. My mind was made up as a child that being white, skinny, and blonde was true beauty looked like. Only now that I am an adult and have seen that beauty comes in different shades, sizes, and hair colors do I know the unrealistic expectations I had placed on myself as a child because of Barbie. I also do not condone the joy I felt while playing with them, but rather wish I would have had a broader view of the world.

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