Friday, August 1, 2014

Bianca Review- 05- Luke Evans and Josh Lake

I am constantly interested in the chemistry in which light touches film and then the process of getting the image to show up on light sensitive paper in the dark room. Two of my new favorite artists are Luke Evans and Josh Lake. As students, they took 35mm photographic film cut it into single frames and placed them in capsule in order to be digested. As it passed through their bodies, their bodies would eat through the film. The acids would leave behind bumps, scratches, and marks of damage. After the film was excreted and then cleaned they would fix the images and scan them on an electron microscope. The entire process of the camera and light and film processing chemicals were completely extracted in this experiment creating what in my opinion are beautiful images that you would have never thought would come out of your own body.
The images also have a three dimensional feel to them, which can be hard to capture in film photography or even in photography in general. The images also show the viewers a familiar world in a new light. The fact that these two students had the idea to eat the film and then to expel it, clean it, and fix it to create some amazing and unique photographs are unreal. They also show a sense of humor in the naming of their body of work “I Turn Myself Inside Out”. Ideas like these excite me to further study and experiment with film and chemicals and to push the boundaries on photography.

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