Friday, August 1, 2014

Bianca Review- 06- Anna Bodnar

            While searching for more inspiring artists, my heart jumped around in glee when I found contemporary artist Anna Bodnar. Though she has a large portfolio of work, the ones that spoke the most to me were those under “Serie: Parts”, which are black and white photographs of different people’s body parts. They are beautiful photographs that depict the subject in a new manner. Anna has her subjects extenuating their bodies in order to see a familiar but new view of the body. They become miniature glamour shots of the body. I am currently trying to workout the best way to view the body in my own body of work and her portfolio helped me overcome this block I had in my ideas for my photography.
            Her entire body of work is compelling giving the viewer an insight into the mind of the 32 year old. Though portrait photographers are a dime-a-dozen, the idea that one can photograph people because they are people is interesting. Anna has what looks like ordinary people getting portraits of them hugging other people, flexing their muscles, posing in a wheelchair. These are dynamic photographs that at some points almost look surreal. This may be because she relates all her artwork back to her computer graphic studies.

“Throughout the years, I have been looking for different artistic ways of expressing myself. What I do is my passion and I am simply crazy about it. This passion, emotions, distaste to the unreal and plastic world are deep down in me. It is understanding myself; it is understanding other people; it is something unspoken of; it is a taboo. It is love to freedom that I have not known yet.. My usual sources of inspiration are day-to-day life and literature.  My work and my art expresses who I am and therefore, I have a very emotional about it.”

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