Friday, August 8, 2014

Bianca Review- 10- Henry Lopez

Another artist who just simply inspires the experimental side of me is Henry Lopez. He is a contemporary artist based out of Los Angeles whom creates magical works of art with a scanning bed, ink, and film. Every time I see a new work come up on his website I get extremely excited and curious of the process in which he creates these amazing works of art. Not only is his work created using a scanner, Henry also travels around the world taking images of new people and landscapes in order to incorporate them into his bodies of work.

Some of the experiments Henry Lopez has tried are simply mixing chemicals with film and experimenting on how different chemicals react to the 35 mm film. Not all these chemicals are harmful but they do create some beautiful abstracted objects on top of the film making the images seem like there is more then just the person being depicted but perhaps a third world in between. To my despair, many of his works are untitled. I feel like if he titled most of his works, there would be a new story to tell instead of the one the viewer perceives from the first view of the images. Not only is he an amazing artist, Henry is also willing to help other artists with his craft. I myself have sent him emails asking him how he creates his works with him always responding nicely and thoroughly with an explanation. He is a unknown contemporary artist that I think we will be seeing more of in the future.

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