Friday, August 8, 2014

Bianca Review- 07- Leonard Nimoy

I was overly excited to find out that one of my favorite TV characters is also a photographer. Even more interesting to know was that he had been taking photograph long before the TV show Star Trek ever aired. Leonard Nimoy, also known as Spock, has been my best researched photographer I have ever come across. His most famous body of work is “The Full Body Project” in which Mr. Nimoy takes full figured women as subjects and photographs them like their thinner model counterparts seen in magazines. This was one of the most refreshing projects I have found that not only embrace the full figured woman but most definitely celebrate that they can be beautiful too.
I found that Mr. Nimoy has also inspired a new light in my own work in which I try to heal people by photographing what people think is the most beautiful and not beautiful thing(s) about their physical being. Like Leonard Nimoy said “who determines who is beautiful?” He was most interested in the idea of “Fat Liberation”, and though most would say being fat is not beautiful, the idea that anyone could be beautiful was comforting.

“With these new images, I am now hearing different words. Sometimes "beautiful," but with a different sub-text. I hear comments, which lead to questions. The questions lead to discussions—about beauty, social acceptability, plastic surgery, our culture and health. In these pictures these women are proudly wearing their own skin. They respect themselves and I hope that my images convey that to others.” – Leonard Nimoy

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