Friday, August 8, 2014

Bianca Review- 08- Jade Beall

Another inspiring artist I found while reasearching is Jade Beall. She is a world renown photographer known for her beautiful images of women that are meant to help heal and be seen as inspirations to other women. Most of the women she shoots in her art are women whose bodies have seen a long and wonderful life. These women may be pregnant, have “battlescars” / stretchmarks, old, young, full figured, and or thin. In all the work however the common theme is simply the celebration of women and their bodies.
Like my previously reviewed artist, Jade created a series or project in which her works depict the body and the beauties it holds. Her most recent work “A Beautiful Body Project” has been seen by countless numbers of women across the world and has also been shown on news outlets like BBC, The Huffington Post, and more. This project was also turned into a book and it features the stories and lives of the women depicted. Jade Beall is an inspiring photographer helping heal women across the world one image at a time.  And though her art mainly consists of women, her website has images of men as well, because we simply all are beautiful.

"I am here to be a facilitator for living Heaven on Earth. I am here to support Your Waking Dream.  I am here to stand in my Authentic Beauty and reflect Your Divine Gorgeousness.  I am here to be a radiant reflection of Life.  I am Life.  You are Life.  All of this that we are and that we have: is Divine.  All of this is: Magic.  All of this: Just Is."  -Jade Beall

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